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From time to time, we like to create videos of us doing what we do best. We currently only have a couple videos available through YouTube, but are working on several new ones, so keep an eye out for more!

During the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, Kare11 Television did a story about our company. Click here to view the video from the Kare11 site.

In late August, 2010, we had a visit from the U.S. Farm Report crew who produce "Tractor Tales" each week. Lee spent time in front of the camera talking about several of our customers' tractors. Each week, the segments air at the end of the U.S. Farm Report. Tune in and you might see one of the segments from our shop. See agweb.com for more details about program scheduling. We had trouble getting the video embedding code to work on our web page, so the following links have been set up for you to jump to the Ag Web site and view some of them from there.

1948 Case DC3

1948 Farmall Cub

1938 John Deere "A" and Plow

1939 Allis Chalmers B

This is a video that we did as a reference for our customers on how to hand-start a John Deere tractor. The tractor used in the video is one that we had just overhauled the engine. This was done in one take, and yes, it does start this easily every time. By using these tips as a starting point, firing up a John Deere hand-start tractor may be a little easier.

We are currently restoring an Allis Chalmers B that is one of the few that came with a Snap Coupler. A tractor like this needs to be functional when completed, although it may never actually turn any soil. That will be up to the tractor's owner, Lyle Jordan. For our part, we set up the tractor and plow one October afternoon and actually "busted some sod". It was amazing that with just a few minor adjustments, we were able to get the roughly 60 year old piece of machinery to perform as it did originally. The following video documents the events of that afternoon. Enjoy! After all of the mechanical and cosmetic restoration work is completed, we are going to re-assemble the tractor as part of the 2011 Orange Spectacular in Hutchinson, MN. We hope to see you there!

In June of 2009, we took a load of tractors down to Waterloo, IA for the John Deere Two Cylinder Expo. One of the tractors, a 1938 "Low Radiator" G, was hauled down to the show in pieces and then assembled in front of the crowd. We took video of the progress each day. Each night, after the show ended, Lee worked into the wee hours of the morning compiling video and speeding it up so that the next day at the show, people could see what had been done before. After the show was over the final video was made and original music was added, thanks to our good friend Mike Hodnick (Kindohm).

For this 1939 Allis Chalmers B, we decided to make a video of the final painting and assembly stages of the restoration. We sped up the video and this is the result. The tractor is owned by Lee's dad's cousin, Mark Kluber. Mark's grandfather purchased the tractor new and Mark's dad, Arnie, (the eldest gentleman in the video) drove the tractor as a child. The tractor had been sold out of the family years ago but through an extensive search and some very good luck, Mark found the tractor again and was able to purchase it. Along with the Lee J. Sackett staff, Lee's Dad, Mark, and Arnie all helped with the reassembly process. We would also like to say thanks to our good friend, Mike Hodnick (Kindohm), for composing the music that was used for the video.

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