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We like to sand blast metal parts before we paint them. For us it is the best way to ensure that the metal is not contaminated with things that will interfere with the adhesion of the paint. For sheet metal like hoods and grilles, we use an etching primer followed by a high-build primer. This is sanded down to remove any minor surface imperfections prior to paint. On other parts, we use an epoxy primer and follow it immediately with paint. The end result with both processes is a coating that protects the metal underneath it from the inside out. From tractors to custom motorcycles, we're excited about the results we can achieve.

We have two different methods of blasting. We can use several different types of media in our large pressurized blaster to remove just about anything including rust, grease, paint, or old decals. We use glass beads in our blasting cabinet to clean smaller and more delicate parts such as carburetor parts.

We can apply just about any type of paint including Acrylic Enamel, Eurethane, or Base Coat/Clear Coat. We have good relationships with several paint suppliers which enables us to provide the exact color, type, and brand of paint our customers desire.

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