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Below, we have listed some features and benefits of the basic log splitter model. Keep in mind that we are able to fully customize a splitter to meet the exact requirements of each customer. We can put a splitter on a pallet and ship it almost anywhere! Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.

All steel construction
Heavy duty dual c-channel frame
Bolt-together design
20" ram travel
16" tall blade and ram
Delivers up to 30000 lbs. of force
Pneumatic Tires
Uses hydraulic system on tractor
Low to the ground
Quality 3-step prep and paint job
Attaches to tractor with 5/8" pin

Built to last
Resists bending under high loads
Easy blade removal for sharpening
Fewer cuts with chain saw
Can split several small logs at once
Can split through tough hardwood logs
Will handle rough terrain
Lower overall cost
Easier to load logs and requires less lifting
Resists rust
Quick and easy hook-up

Cost Information
The MSRP for the standard log splitter is $750.00. This includes everything necessary to hook the log splitter up to a tractor that has universal quick couplers installed on it. The hoses reach approximately 7 feet beyond the front of the splitter, allowing enough distance to reach most forward hydraulic controls. Several options are also available:

Hydraulic Control Valve Kit is available and can be shipped pre-installed on the splitter. The cost for this kit (pre-installed) is $175.00.
Custom Paint is available to match your tractor. The standard paint is black with an orange-red hydraulic cylinder. Email or call for a custom paint quote.
Stand-alone Unit prices vary depending on engine preference, but are generally between $1800-$2500.
Swivel Trailer Jack is available installed for $65.00.
Three-Point Hitch can be installed instead of an axle and wheels for $150.00. If you would prefer to keep the wheel/axle assembly with this option, the cost is an additional $50.00.

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