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We use many different primers and paints in our shop. The following is a partial list of products and codes that we use. Please feel free to contact us for more information about a specific product or project. We currently use all Martin-Senour (Napa) primers and paints, except where noted.

For Sheet metal, we use an etching primer, 15211 on bare metal, followed by a High-build (filler) primer, FP410. Just before the first coat of paint, we use a sealer. The sealer is either Gray, CS291, or White, CS292, depending on the color of paint to be sprayed. For example, we use white under yellow and other light colored paints. Gray is used under green, red, etc.

For castings, loose hardware, and just about everything else that we're not seeking a spectacular glossy look, we use an epoxy primer on bare metal. As with the sealer on sheet metal, we choose a primer that matches the tone of the paint to be applied on top. We use three different epoxy primers:

Gray CP400

White 5226

Black 5227

The following is a partial list of the paint codes that we have used on various tractors. These are our best guess as to what the original color would have been, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These paints are all single-stage (No clear coat). All paints are Martin-Senour (Napa) brand, except where noted.

Persian Orange #1: (PPG) DAR 60080

Persian Orange #2: (PPG) DAR 60396

Allis Chalmers Cream: (PPG) DAR 23056

Black: 8800

IH Red: 4115

IH Blue: 3736

Cub Cadet Yellow: 34748

Cub Cadet White: 3965

JD Green (Classic): 11146

John Deere Yellow: Purchased from JD Dealer. NAPA 8010 Hardener added.

Oliver Green (For 80, 60 Row Crop, etc.): 11689

Oliver Red: 3752

Oliver Yellow: 3753

Case Flambeau Red (DC, SC, etc.): 3727

Case Power Red (1570, etc.): 4764

Battleship Gray (Ford 9N, Samson, Gray, etc. NOT for an 8N): 3740

Ford Tractor Red (8N, Jubilee, etc.): 3733

Ford Gray (8N, Jubilee, etc.): 3732

Minneapolis Moline Prairie Gold: 3749

Minneapolis Moline Red: 540

Massey Harris Red (pre 1956): 3743

Massey Harris Straw Yellow: 4341

Co-op Orange (Matched from original samples): 10090

Argent Silver Metallic (Used on rims that need to be silver): 4869

This is just a partial list. We will add more over time. Thanks!!

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